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Indonesia's leading car & home audio distributor.

Audio Plus Indonesia

Audio Plus is a reputable, established company that distributes high-end car audio brands worldwide. The company has a distribution network focused on Indonesia and certain South East Asian countries. Incorporated 20 years ago in Jakarta, the company has built a stellar reputation for distributing the leading car audio brands.
The company has established strategic partnerships with a selected number of major retail networks that have contributed to the growth of the business. Audio Plus is a sales and marketing-driven company focused on building revenue, brand image, and in-store experience.

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Audio Plus is Indonesia's largest independent distributor of high-end car audio systems. Throughout history, we have worked closely with our brand principles to develop product distribution, brand awareness, and product visibility in stores.

Our distributorship differentiates itself from our competitors by focusing heavily on creating consumer demand and building a solid brand image and awareness.

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